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Updated: April 10, 2015


Welcome from the Clinical Neurophsyiology Program Director

Dr. Rama MagantiWe are happy to have the opportunity to provide training for you in clinical neurophysiology.  The purpose of this fellowship is to teach you the ability to use clinical neurophysiology techniques and their interpretation in the evaluation of neurologic conditions that can be diagnosed or understood with neurophysiological techniques.  This includes both conditions that affect peripheral and central nervous system function.

The goal of the fellowship is to provide expertise in clinical neurophysiology so that upon completing training, the ability to assist in diagnosis and treatment of neurological disease will be enhanced.  Both an understanding of electromyography and nerve conduction studies as well as electroencephalographic studies will be the main goal of the training program.  In addition introduction to sleep studies, evoked potentials, and intraoperative monitoring studies will be provided and trainees may choose to explore these techniques in more detail.

Completion of training will make the trainee board eligible for special qualifications in clinical neurophysiology.  To date, 100% of our trainees who have taken the American Board of Neurology and Psychiatry exam for special training in clinical neurophysiology have passed.

Rama Maganti, MD
Director, UW Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship Program